> I have had courses in structural mechanics, basic electrical circuits, dynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow, manufacturing, mechanical design, signal processing, vibrational analysis, and more.

> Michigan Tech is one of the first schools in the country to utalize the "Mechanical Engineering Practice" cirriculum.

> These are a series of courses that BSME students take over their sophomore and junior years. They encompass all fascets of mechanical engineering and heavily emphasize simulation and modeling.

Finite Element Method

> I am currently enrolled in my second Finite Element Method course.

> This is a graduate level course in which we are learning various approximation methods in 2D and 3D.

> The first half of the course focuses on the governing mathematics while the second half is project based.

> I am currently working on different aspects of bicycle design and will be exploring these options deeper with FEM.


> While I have been using various CAD software packages for the past 8 years, this course is providing me with formal training in NX.

> The first half of the course gave an overview of many different tools within NX 10.0.

> The second half is based on CAM methods within NX 10.0, G-code generation, GD&T, and CNC machining.