Enterprise Design Work

> At MTU, engineering students can choose between the traditional "senior design" route or opt for the "enterprise" route.

> In the enterprise route, students work on design projects for a minimum of four semesters.

> I have been a part of the Velovations enterprise since my first semester at MTU.

> Velovations is a bicycle design enterprise. We work directly with industry sponsors to complete cycling related projects.

Bicycle Wheel Dynomometer

> There was a need to test the relative energy consumption of different rim, tube, tire, pressure, and hub configurations.

> Working with a computer engineering student, I designed a bicycle wheel dynamometer.

> Adaptable to fit any wheel and tire size.

> Can be used to measure relative energy consumption, or provide a constant wheel speed for other testing.

> Uses a bicycle computer, rotary encoder, and a microcontroller to measure, control, and report wheel speed, flywheel speed, and time.

> Currently in validation stage:
Further testing is required to ensure accuracy.

Snow-Bike Trail Groomer

> A snow-bike trail groomer was designed in the fall of 2016 for a local trail system.

> I am the current project lead of this project. The original designer has graduated.

> Design includes multiple implements that can be attached to a chassis that is pulled by a snowmobile.

> Current implements include a plow and a grader.

> Future implements include a snow compactor and a snow tiller.

> Additionally, we working with the customer to determine required design changes to current system.