Personal Projects

> While academic excellence is of utmost importance, I put a great deal of stock into my hobbies and interests.

> Many of my extracurricular involve mechanics and mechanical design.

> I have found that my school work and hobbies complement and build upon each other. 

> Tools such as solid modeling, finite element analysis, and electrical circuit design have proven beneficial in multiple projects I have recently worked on.

Bicycle Rear Derailleur

> I have been using various solid modeling software packages for 7 years.

> To help sharpen my SolidWorks skills, I reverse-engineered a spare rear derailleur I had.

> Each component is modeled individually, including each bolt, spring, seal and bushing.

> The assembly is fully functional.

Project Car

> Currently working on restoring and modifying a 1991 BMW 318is.

> Steering components from a newer BMW have been modified and installed to improve handling.

> The cooling system has been replaced with aftermarket components.

> I am currently designing custom suspension and braking components.

> The engine and transmission from an e46 BMW M3 will be swapped in after graduation.